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 I'm sick of winter already.
I hate the cold, I hate having to get bundled up to go outside, I hate when it gets dark at 4 in the afternoon...

On the bright side, it's only 6 months until summer...

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 Two A-'s, a B-, and a C.

Not bad. 3.025

As long as I keep it above a 3.0 I'll be happy.

I'm so tired of school. Thank goodness for the break.

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 I didn't get anchor. Guess I shouldn't be too disappointed. I wasn't really expecting to get it. :( Still a bummer.

Nothing feels good anymore. I don't want to go back to school in the spring. I really feel like I'm wasting my time and not getting anything out of it.

I just want to take dance classes and get back in shape and compete and win this time.

Got first place for pointe and tap, second for adult tap and nothing for my solo. What a waste of money.

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 I found an apartment. 230 a month. Utilities included. We're moving in asap. The girls I'm living with aren't students and the one has been living in a motel for the past week because her mom stopped helping her pay tuition. And Shae isn't a student and needs to get out of the dorms asap. I'm really excited for this. And it's only right down the street from Maple, so it's not like I'm moving a million miles away or anything.

And I really feel safe living with Shae. She could destroy anyone in a heartbeat. Now all I have to do is going to housing and get my money from the rest of this semester's housing back, if I can. We wanted to wait until December to move in, but the landlord wants us now.

I'm happy. It'll be real bohemian living, minus the people pissing on our stoop. We have neighbors, I believe, but they're cool.

Eeek I have to go read for comp and write a million and a half papers this week!